Divide yourself into two teams of equal ratio (singles, doubles, triples etc…).

Each team will use a set boules with their own groove patterns- this will make life much easier when counting points at the end of each round

When playing singles and doubles, each player will use three boules and for triples it’s two boules each

Now you’ve sorted out your teams, leave it up to fate and toss a coin to decide which team goes first.


The team victorious in the coin toss chooses the starting location and throws the jack. (Please note you’ll need measuring tape and a man-size compass for the below… we joke)

Place the starting circle in a space of your choice (14 – 20 inches in diameter) and at least 3 feet from any obstacles

Stand within the circle and throw the jack. It must land within 20 – 30 inches of the starting circle and at least three feet from any obstacles… we don’t ask for much!


The aim of the game is to throw your boule so it lands closer to the jack than your opponents’.


Stand within the throwing circle


Throw your boule so it lands as close as possible to the jack. You must keep both feet on the ground, within the circle, so no Michael Jordan style slam dunks allowed! It’s okay to hit the jack


An opposing team member must now take to the circle and attempt to throw their boule as close as possible to the jack even if it means knocking the opponents’ boule out of the way


The team with a boule closest to the Jack is ‘holding the point’ therefore the opposing team must continue throwing their boules until they take the lead or run out of boules. Unlucky!


Once your team uses up all of their boules, the opposing team can continue throwing the rest of theirs. There is no order of play between team members, but each of them can only throw their own boules and must go one by one


Points are gathered once all boules have been thrown. The team with the boule closest to the jack wins the round


The winning team (of that round) also scores a point for every boule that lies closer to the jack than the opposing teams’ closest boule…get it?


Once points have been counted, you’re ready to start a new round. The winning team of the previous round will place the starting circle and throw the jack


The first team to accumulate 13 points wins the game- there is no required number of rounds.

Having read this, you should now be a Petanque pro. Go forth and emerge victorious! We’ve also got this handy guide to print and share with your mates, so you can get ahead of the game.




The game is best played 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 4 against 4. If you are an odd number, you can take turns shooting.


Each player/team has 4 pucks in each round – red or blue. You draw to decide who starts. The loser starts as it is advantageous to shoot the last stone.


You must not play shuffleboard without having sand on the table. Only use sand from sand dispenser. For the ends where you shoot from, you have to keep an eye our for “holes” in the sand. They can easily be removed by sprinkling a light layer of sand.


Both feet must be behind the 1 point line closest to the player when you shoot the puck away. Each player/team take turns to shoot a puck off – one at a time. The puck must be over the line of the 1 point field on the side you play from (the line closest to the center of the shuffleboard). If not removed the puck from the board. You shoot in the same direction – not against each other. It is allowed to shoot the opponents pucks off the track. When all eight pucks are shot off towards the same end, all the players go down in the end where the pucks now lies and count the points. Then you start a new game and you now shoot in the opposite direction. You continue the game like this.


Only one player/team can gain points in each round. Each puck can provide 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points, depending on what point field the puck is in. You get 5 points if the puck on the rear edge of the board. The entire puck must be in the point field and it is not enough that it is on line. Example: If the puck is over the line between 3 and 4 points, you get 3 points. Only the pucks in the same colour that is closest to the end gives points. The player/team who first gets 15 points wins the round. After this you start a new round.


Show respect for the opponent and equipment. Do not hit or throw things on the playing surface! NEVER put bottles or glass on the shuffleboard or on the sides of the shuffleboard.